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» Graceland - Johnny and Carlito


Seriously. People need to stop flipping their shit, because the Carlito/Johnny was introduced to make Johnny uncomfortable as a character.

In a way I understand that people want a bisexual/homosexual/pansexual main character on the show, but I really think people are overdoing it with their rage…

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» An open letter to Jeff Eastin, Manny Montana, and the writers of Graceland.



I recently made a post about this, but I was deeply upset about the matter at hand whilst writing it and my choice of language was definitely neither respectful nor appropriate, which is why I’m writing a very similar post now. Special thanks to jasnahdavar for helping me sort out some of these…

Did you really just say that in a group of six people, you don’t believe all of them can be straight.  Because that’s a load of bull in real life, let alone on tv where characters’ sexualities are what writers choose to make them.

And I’ll never understand people wanting writers to change the story they want to tell with their characters just because they think some other story that has nothing to do with the show needs to be told.  It’s their story.  Some people’s headcanon for a character being wrong doesn’t mean the writers have done anything wrong.  Nor does people getting their hopes up and being disappointed. 

I understand you have a desire for gay/bisexual representation but there’s nothing wrong with Johnny being straight and having to deal with a male mark having a crush on him.  That’s a good story and like Charlie said, female agents have to pretend to like guys they don’t like all the time.  It’s interesting to see the same with Johnny.

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